Wood Card Drop Boxes Laser Engraved for your Wedding Ceremony and Reception

All Custom Printed Products can create you a large card drop box for your bridal shower, for your wedding ceremony, for your wedding reception.  This useful wedding accessory can be the focal point for your guests to easily acknowledge where to place their wedding congratulations and gift giving made simple!  We offer a few different types depending on your type of wedding, we have a painted white card box with a decorative latch that is engraved on the very front in your favorite font style.

Custom White Wood Engraved Card Holder Drop Box for Wedding Reception

Custom laser engraved large wood card holder box for wedding reception. Engraved with up to three lines of custom text, and an image from our image list.

This rustic Wood card box will be a lovely match for your rustic wedding decor. It has a metal latch for securing the cover. This card box is also a unique keepsake after the wedding. It measures 10 x 10 x 5.25.


Custom Rustic White Wood Engraved Wedding Ring Box for Wedding Ceremony

We also have the matching custom white ring box holder that has two separate compartments for the rings, the top part of the box has a secret place to store your vows for the ceremony, the white card wedding drop box and the white wedding ring holder can be ordered with the same designs so they match, making them the perfect wedding keepsakes for the bride and groom.


Birch Wood Card Drop Box Custom Engraved for Weddings

Or we offer a card box that is natural, made from birch and finished with a light satin oil finish, the top lid comes on and off easily and fits snug just as a puzzle piece would with the grooved edges.  You can custom engrave all five sides of the box if you like, by choosing different images, different font styles and matching exact to your theme wedding. The box is large and measures 10″ x 10″ x 6″.

Champagne Toasting Flutes Laser Etched & Customized

Celebrate with a twist! With our Custom Engraved Etched Printed Personalized Twisted Long Stem Champagne Flutes.  We can customize these long stem flutes for you; they have a unique and classy long stem twist, elegant and perfect for weddings, anniversaries, and more. Etched with your own custom design and over 30 different stylish fonts to pick from, using cursive, fancy scripts or a block style font, add one of our wedding images and you are set! A perfect gift for the bride and groom, a perfect gift for a milestone birthday, or anniversary.


For a modern day approach to your wedding, you can customize your set of Custom Personalized Tall Stemless Modern Silver Ombre Champagne Flutes Set of 2, very beautiful and elegant for that special wedding day, or to give as a gift to the bride and groom each engraved with their names, wedding date, or a simple Mr. and Mrs. will do!

Take advantage of this great sale, regular $52 for the set, and on sale for $39.00.


Something different and unique for a long stem champagne glass is our Custom Printed Personalized Stainless Steel Champagne Flutes Wedding Glasses Set, add two lines of custom text, and a wedding image of your choice, these are food grade high quality stainless steel, laser etched with permanent black etch. elegant, beautiful and non-breakable.


So, whatever the celebration you have, All Custom Printed Products can create you an elegant champagne flute toasting glasses set for that special day of the year!  Custom order requests are always welcome, logo and special artwork that is imported we do charge $35 CAD for our artwork design services.

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining us!

Passion. Emotions. Experience and A Lot More that are achieved through your classic Unity Sand Ceremony Sets laser etched by All Custom Printed Products…

Unifying the young love with a bond that will never wash ashore is an achievable feat when you decide to gift yourself a reminder that you love each other! How regressive is that?
If you ask me, not much!
From gifting a flower to the first kiss and the first night out together, all of this wouldn’t have happened without gifts! This again is just another gift along with a buttload of others! What’s so special about gifts anyway and why are we so inclined towards gifting each other is a materialistic thought instead of the one thing that truly matters i.e. the soul?
I’ll tell you why!
From the ancient times when people were termed as predators, the alpha male used to peel off a tiger’s skin to impress his alpha female. And we, modern humans picked up from there and look where are we now? Not much to boast about, right?
But, we can surely make predictions about where are we going after this materialistic world ends for us, obviously the sand!
Sands are the purest elements that keep you connected to the mortal world of thoughts and personalized unity sand ceremony sets serve the purpose just how the ocean water calm the sands! You and your partner can bring their own colorful sands to the wedding and then pour it together into a large vase along with the holy chants offered by a priest, and there you have it, the exact mixture of mixed

emotions, race, origin, etc that we always wanted to achieve as humans!  We also sell over 30 unique crystalline sand colors to match your wedding theme colors, visit our sand collections today at Crystalline Quartz Decorative Unity Colored Sands.