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Passion. Emotions. Experience and A Lot More that are achieved through your classic Unity Sand Ceremony Sets laser etched by All Custom Printed Products…

Unifying the young love with a bond that will never wash ashore is an achievable feat when you decide to gift yourself a reminder that you love each other! How regressive is that?
If you ask me, not much!
From gifting a flower to the first kiss and the first night out together, all of this wouldn’t have happened without gifts! This again is just another gift along with a buttload of others! What’s so special about gifts anyway and why are we so inclined towards gifting each other is a materialistic thought instead of the one thing that truly matters i.e. the soul?
I’ll tell you why!
From the ancient times when people were termed as predators, the alpha male used to peel off a tiger’s skin to impress his alpha female. And we, modern humans picked up from there and look where are we now? Not much to boast about, right?
But, we can surely make predictions about where are we going after this materialistic world ends for us, obviously the sand!
Sands are the purest elements that keep you connected to the mortal world of thoughts and personalized unity sand ceremony sets serve the purpose just how the ocean water calm the sands! You and your partner can bring their own colorful sands to the wedding and then pour it together into a large vase along with the holy chants offered by a priest, and there you have it, the exact mixture of mixed

emotions, race, origin, etc that we always wanted to achieve as humans!  We also sell over 30 unique crystalline sand colors to match your wedding theme colors, visit our sand collections today at Crystalline Quartz Decorative Unity Colored Sands.