At All Custom Printed Products we custom create silicone stemless wine cups, these cups are know to be your squishy non-breakable perfect beach cup companion, bendable cup, and the perfect travel cup for your luggage!

The cups are perfect to put in in your luggage and take on your trip, these squishy cups are welcome on the beach as glassware is not allowed on many beach resorts! Add a custom name, add a custom image and select your most stylish font. Our silicone wine cups are 100% pure silicone without any BPA products or plastic content. Our silicone wine cups are FDA approved and food grade silicone.  Choose your favorite color, white, pink, purple, green, blue or orange.

We also invite custom orders using your own font style, or your own image choice, we do charge an additional set-up fee of $35 CAD per order for custom orders using your own images and your own fonts.

Below are some of the styles we have created, please inquire for qty discounts over the qty of 12 being ordered. You may email us for

Squishy non breakable silicone custom laser engraved stemless wine cups!



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