Are you looking for a great wedding gift for the bride and groom? how about a custom laser engraved maple wood engraved gift box with a laser engraved 32gb thumb drive custom with your own image and choice of font, perfect for the bride and groom to store many wedding day images on this USB gift set..

Custom Laser Engraved Wooden USB Gift Set



Have a music lover in your family?  How about a classic unique maple wood gift box that can be laser engraved along with a custom laser engraved 32GB guitar thumb drive that can also be engraved with a single name or word.

Custom Laser Engraved Maple Wood USB 32GB Gift Set, with unique 32GB Guitar Thumb Drive…



Heart Shaped USB Gift Set with Maple Wood 32GB USB Thumb Heart Keychain Custom Engraved...




Or maybe you just need a simple USB 32GB custom engraved flip thumb drive which is very simple but can be custom engraved with your choice of font and even an image!



We also have a modern acrylic and stainless steel flip drive that is laser monogram engraved, where the acrylic is engraved and lights up blue when plugged in, it is small but still can hold a large amount of storage at 16GB thumb drive..




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